General Payroll FAQ’s

Is there any limit to the number of employees on the payroll?
We process up to 100 employees using our standard service; please contact us for details on more than 100 employees.

How long does it take to get a customer up and running?
2-5 Business days depending on the complexity of the business account.

What if I do NOT want to submit my payroll over the Internet?
American Payroll providers offer multiple methods for payroll submission: Internet, telephone, email, text, and fax, whatever works for you. Regardless of the method used to submit payroll, you can access your standard payroll reports instantly via email. These reports help employer’s to anticipate payroll/tax filing expenses for the pay period and manage their cash flow.

How does your payroll service increase revenues for my business?
It enables you to spend time growing your business instead of handling bookkeeping and payroll administration. It enables you to spend time serving your customers instead of your employees.

How does your payroll service reduce expenses for my business?
It reduces the costs of payroll processing by 25 percent or more, compared with ADP or Paychex. It reduces overhead costs by outsourcing payroll, as opposed to doing it in-house (you spend less on employee wages, benefits, etc).

How does your payroll service minimize risk for my business?
Your payroll tax forms are being prepared and filed accurately and on time, it leaves no room for error. All tax rates, forms and information is up to date and eliminates the potential for human error that may occur if payroll is processed manually.

Payroll Service

Do I automatically get tax return filing services with my payroll?  What about tax payments?
“Ameripay,” our tax filing service is included with your normal payroll package.  For no additional charge, American Payroll Company will withdrawal and submit tax payments to corresponding government agencies and file the necessary payroll tax returns.

Do I pay extra so my employees can get their pay stubs online?
Employee self-service is a FREE part of our EPay Service. It frees up your time, by allowing them to receive pay stubs online!

Do you offer online PDF reports?
Yes. We offer a standard report package available in PDF. This service is a FREE part of our standard Payroll Service.

Does your payroll service accept credit card payments for fees billed for payroll processing fees?
Our payroll service will automatically debit your business bank account for all fees incurred. The funds will be taken out on your payroll check date.

I need two signatures printed on my paper checks. What will I be billed?
There is no additional charge for checks that need two signatures. We can also include your business’ logo on the check for no additional charge.

When is payroll and time information due for processing?
Whether you use direct deposit, or receive paper checks, your payroll data needs to be submitted by 12:00 PST two business days before processing payroll. For a Friday check date, for example, the payroll data is due on Wednesday by 12:00 PST.

When do payroll direct deposit funds come out of my business bank account?
The funds for direct deposit are debited from your business bank account one day prior to the check date and go directly into employees’ personal accounts on check date.

Do you process 401(k), medical and other employee deductions?
Absolutely. We can support any of your deductions and help you create payments for your various benefit providers.

One of my employees has a child-support garnishment. Can you help me with that?
Absolutely. We can process garnishment deductions and help you create payments for the appropriate agencies or entities.

Can I provide more than one bank account? For example, what if I want to have fees taken from one account and taxes taken from another?
Yes. You can have separate accounts for taxes, fees, and payroll checks and/or direct deposits.

What is the cutoff time for my business to submit its time-sheet data?
Time-sheet data needs to be submitted by 12:00 PST two business days before processing payroll. For example, for a Friday payday, the time-sheet data is due on Wednesday by 12:00 PST.

Will American Payroll Services provide W-2s for my business even if I haven’t used the service during the year?
Yes. Simply provide your annual payroll figures and we will create a W-2 for a $50 base fee and $10 per W-2.

Can I sign up for tax-filing services only?
Yes, we offer a payroll tax filing system that allows employers to pay employees using their own checks. Your account will be debited solely for payroll taxes, your payroll tax returns filed and tax payments will be made in a timey manner.


How do you price your services?
Our services are priced per paycheck/direct deposit issued.

When do I pay a processing fee?
Processing fees are only collected for payrolls that are processed, there are no inactivity fees. If you do not process payroll for the quarter, our fee is $25 to file your quarterly payroll tax returns showing zeros.

Additional Products & Services

Do you offer Pay-As-You-Go workers’ compensation?
We do offer a Pay-As-You-Go system for select industries; Pay-As-You-Go workers’ compensation is a great way to help you manage cash flow.

Do you offer time clocks or time and attendance?
If you already have time clocks, we can support your existing system. If you are looking for a solution, we have a preferred partner we can send you information about.